Road Trip Through Mexico


**Cochonita Pato Tostada (GF)

A dish inspired by Chef Clint’s travels through the Yucatán- Achiote and citrus marinated duck is braised in banana leaves and shredded, served on a crisped house made corn tortilla with pickled onion and Serrano

**Caribbean Pork Ribs (GF)

Jerk spiced ribs are braised till tender and grilled, glazed with mojo and garnished with pique pickled green banana jam (green bananas pickled in a spicy infused vinegar)

**Sian Ka’an Ceviche (GF)

Yucatecan style with shrimp and conch, red onion, cucumber and lime with fried corn chips

Chips and Salsa Display (V)

Fried corn chips with house made salsa rojo, salsa verde and guacamole


Tour of Mexico Taco Bar (GF)

Beef machaca (Baja), chicken tinga (Pueblo), cochonita pibil style pork (Yucatán), corn and flour tortillas, salsa rojo, salsa verde, pickled red onion, lime, grilled jalapeno and onion cilantro mix

Ecuadorean Slaw (V, GF)

Shredded red and green cabbage, red onions and carrots in aromatic spices and vinegar

BYO Street Corn (V, GF)

Sweet corn steamed and grilled with mayonnaise, lime and seasoning for garnish

Frijoles Charros (GF)

Pinto beans stewed with bacon, chiles and onion

$28-40++ per person, based on service

Download our 2017 Spring Menu Portfolio HERE

Menu Legend: GF=Gluten Free, V=Vegan, Veg=Vegetarian

**=Chef Clint’s Favorite ++Chef Zak’s Favorite