I want to share a word with you that is very important in my life –gastronomy–

Webster says it’s-

1: the art or science of good eating
2: culinary customs or style

I’ve got a bit of a longer definition as I know it. To me, gastronomy is the study of how food, culture, enjoyment and science all come together to create memories. For instance, think back to your favorite meals as a child. I bet you can remember people, places, smells, sights, etc. that surrounded you. Understanding that is gastronomy.

This is super important to me as a chef. I know that I can never replace that last meal that you ate with your grandmother, or the first meal you ate with your loved one. But, I can do my best to create new memories for you when the time calls for it. I try to approach menu design from a bigger perspective than just feeding you and your guests. I try to make it something a bit more special, a bit more memorable somehow.

Let’s talk a bit about the science side of it. Eating good food releases serotonin in your brain. It’s the same chemical that causes a “high” when using drugs, or having sex. That’s powerful stuff. Especially when you learn that serotonin levels are heavily linked to memory formation. Eating good food causes your body to form memories involuntarily. We may as well make them good memories right?!?!

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many great memories as they were created- marriages, birthdays, awards and more. I can only hope that my food played a bit of a part in keeping those moments alive in the guests’ mind.

And this my friends, is the kind of stuff that makes me a certified food geek :)