Catering Cooks-

Here’s what we want from you:

Ensuring consistency of recipes and SOPs
In kitchen and on site prep
Loading and unloading, setup and tear down of equipment


Proficiency in American cuisine, classic cooking techniques and basic kitchen tasks
Consistency of daily tasks
Knowledge (not proficiency) of international cuisines
Desire to grow, learn and advance the culinary industry


Full service restaurant line cooking, multiple stations and styles preferred
Experience in off site catering is a huge plus

Additional bonuses that help you stand out-

You’ve traveled and experienced food outside of Reno
You’ve mentored, judged competitions, taught or otherwise helped young cooks find their way

What you will get-

Competitive pay
The pleasure of working with a fun team, each week in a new venue and with a crowd of happy guests

Lots of great stories, we do some really fun events!!!

Interested? Please send resume and a short cover letter to