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Our food

Our philosophy on food is backed by deep traditional practices. We love to spend time in designing a perfect menu for you and your guests. Our food is designed to be sexy, interesting and satisfying to leave your guests with wonderful memories.

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Our service

Catering isn’t just about the food right? Service plays a huge role in making your guests feel satisfied, awed and generally happy after the event. In fact, service may even be more important than the food.....


Napa Inspired Wedding Menu

A Napa inspired wedding menu for June of 2012. Click through to see the menu and the thought behind service style.



Your event is special. Your event is unique. You want your event to be memorable. You’ve come to the right place to make it happen.

Great Thyme catering has been a long time coming, although it wasn’t quite apparent all along. The result of Chef Clint Jolly’s experiences in the family business and an undying lust for all things tasty and interesting, Great Thyme is the newest addition to Reno’s blossoming food scene.

Great Thyme Catering is proudly owned, managed and operated by Clint Jolly. He took charge of the catering program at Butcher Boy back in 1998. Under his lead, catering went from a stepchild of the business to the second largest part of the company. Butcher Boy Prime was opened in 2007 as the largest catering kitchen in the Reno/Tahoe area. Many of the “old crew” are still working with Clint.

All of these experiences mean that you are hiring the best trained, most innovative and most creative caterers around. All the years of creating memories has taught Clint what makes a great event and memorable day. In the past year he was able to take a step back and look at exactly what it was that made for great events. He realized it was all about the one on one service with great clients that understand great food and good planning. All of those lessons have come together in the agile catering company you’re visiting today.

Custom is what we’re all about. You won’t get a cookie cutter menu from us, we will never email you a list of choices to pick from. After all, you’re hiring a caterer to make your event extra special. Chef Clint loves getting down and dirty with menu planning and he strives to add a unique touch to each and every event. It may take a few extra days for that menu to come around but you can be assured that it is that much more special than the other guys.

If you’re planning a party now please give us a little info and we will get back to you soon. If you’re just visiting, check out our blog and other areas to connect with us like facebook, twitter and youtube.